The New Web Series Every Broke Girl Can Relate To

Between Vine, YouTube, and everything your mom posts on Facebook, it's easy to feel overwhelmed with videos you "have to watch RIGHT NOW because they're so good." But, trust us when we say
Wifey TV, a curated video network for women, has the art of the web series down to a science. With a focus on "stuff that viscerally represents women's unique and complex POVs," the online network is releasing a new series that makes good on that promise.

Rods and Cones, created by Tara Jepsen and Beth Lisick, documents the trials and tribulations of recent art-school grads. In the series, they're both saddled with $80,000 in school debt. So, they take their creative talents to a local comedy competition, where they go head-to-head with veterans Carole and Mitzi.
What's great about this series is how true to life it feels. Mountains of student loans? Feeling like you can't use your degree? All that sounds too familiar. Check out how the duo makes the most of it in the trailer below. And, check out the full series on Wifey TV come September 5.

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