Tallulah Willis Opens Up About Body Image

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There will always be those forces in the fashion world that bombard consumers with unattainable imagery: women and men photoshopped to meet impossible standards of beauty, items costing thousands upon thousands of dollars, and lifestyles so surreal that they're hard — even with the advent of reality TV — for us laypeople to imagine. However, we’d venture to say that in the last fews years or so, the climate has begun to shift. Awareness of cultural issues such as body image is (slowly) expanding. And, with it, a new crop of more eclectic fashion icons have begun to take the stage.
One of the many channels responsible for highlighting the importance of embracing your physical appearance is alternative fashion blog Stylelikeu’s “The What’s Underneath Project.” By sharing the personal stories — and struggles — of some select individuals, the video series demonstrates that style is “fearless spirit, not mere clothes.”
Among these figures is Tallulah Willis, who recently stripped down to her bra and underwear for Stylelikeu while also discussing her struggles with self-esteem and body dysmorphia. (Body dysmorphia is a chronic mental illness characterized by the inability to stop thinking about a flaw — real or imagined — in your appearance.)
Though you might not think it at first glance, when it comes to stories of gutsy, gritty spirit in the face of hardship, Tallulah Willis is a natural choice. True, as the daughter of Demi Moore and Bruce Willis and a fixture in the L.A. social scene, the word “unfortunate” doesn’t exactly come to mind when you think of Tallulah. But, after years of struggling with anorexia and crippling self-doubt, the 20-year-old writer now feels totally “like herself on the inside,” and is spreading her message of individuality and self-love through Clothing Coven, a blog written by her and BFF Mallory Llewellyn.
However, hearing Tallulah speak about her teenage experience of tabloid bullying, her paralyzing insecurity, and her struggle with eating disorders — all in her own disarmingly candid and witty voice — will leave you feeling both seriously humbled and inspired. The clip is especially poignant considering the more recent news that Tallulah entered rehab last month to deal with drug and alcohol abuse issues. We’re fairly certain that when she says “If I can use any of the pain that I've gone through, and if...when other girls read it they can be healed a little, even if it's the smallest piece, by something I've written or the way I've written it,” well, that's a wish that will surely be fulfilled.
Check it out — we dare you to disagree.

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