Get Motivated — It Only Takes 2 Seconds

There are days where whatever you're up against seems impossible. Your jog, that project at work, finally writing those thank you notes — nothing you need to do feels doable. It's very easy to get stuck, but if you take a second or two, it can be just as simple to flip the mental switch and start crossing things off your to-do list.
For an instant-motivation hack, research from Sanford University recommends recalling a past success. Try thinking about that time you stepped up and took a leadership role, or when you exceeded even your own expectations. Basically, think of a "go you" moment. Using your own memories to get through a current predicament is a no-brainer, especially if self-doubt is what's getting in your way.
If you'd prefer to be more fanciful than that, look to a study from the University of Buffalo that asks you to visualize hanging out with your friends or even your favorite fictional characters. Not only does this let you fulfill your middle school dreams of meeting Buffy The Vampire Slayer, but researchers believe it will comfort and reenergize you. Which is exactly the mindset you need to be in before getting down to business.
Click through for more two-second motivators to get the job done. (Shape)

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