Nicole Richie Is Not A “Desperate Club Rat” (Anymore)

If you haven't spent the last couple of weeks soaking up every second of Candidly Nicole, well, you're a stronger person than we are.
In last night's episode, veteran reality star Nicole Richie got a taste of the farm life. (A not-so-subtle nod to that show she used to be on, perhaps?) And, after watching her get awkwardly nuzzled by a horse and call gay farming "mellow," we're betting that Lionel's little girl won't be (back) in country mode for long.
The farm stunt is all part of Richie's master plan to win over some mean-girl mommies who have been excluding her from events. Somehow, she's convinced that positioning herself as an organic earth goddess will earn their respect.
"These women treat me like I'm a desperate club rat, and I'm not," Richie tells friend Kelly Oxford of her effort to be taken seriously. "I was, like, 10 years ago, but I'm an adult now. And, I should be treated like a respectable, grown-up, chicken farmer."
Poultry farming aside, Richie's come a long way from her party-girl past. And besides, who needs a fowl-wrangling career when you're pals with Gwyneth?
Video: Courtesy VH1.

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