“Crop Top” Sports Bras Work — In The Gym & On The Street

You already own clothes that transition seamlessly from day to night, so why not find a few things that do the same from workout to weekend? Once upon a time, leggings were the only gymwear that could really make the leap to civilian clothing. But, the times they are a-changing. More and more, ladies are being caught on the street in what definitely looks like souped-up sports bras.
This is not to suggest that you head out to run errands in your tried-and-true, white Champion bra. Rather, these are bras that basically double as crop tops. Translation: a higher neckline and a band that hits far below your breasts. Still can't shake the feeling that you're wearing your underwear out in the world? Think of it as a two-for-one deal — a crop top and a bra for the price of, well, just a bra.
Don't get us wrong; it's a bold look. To avoid looking too much like Sporty Spice, make sure you pair your sports bra / crop top with items that would not feel at home in the gym. A blazer or a loose sweater work great as a top layer, while trousers or a sophisticated skirt can balance out the entire look.
Click through to shop more street-friendly-yet-still-sporty looks. (Shape)

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