Barknado Is The Sharknado Spoof We’ve All Been Waiting For

With Sharknado 2: The Second One set to air on SyFy tonight, the Internet's peanut gallery is getting their tweets, GIFs, and memes ready. In particular, Sharknado parodies have become ubiquitous online. Even we have a few ideas of how to spoof the network's absurdly popular franchise. There's Starknado, in which a horde of rabid Robert Downey Jr.'s invade an unsuspecting city with an unrelenting arsenal of snappy one-liners. Also, Darknado, where the screen literally blacks out for two hours.
But, despite how much we want either of those to get made, we have to hand it to the ASPCA for their furry take on the pop culture phenomenon. Barknado is the animal rights agency's latest attempt at raising awareness for dog adoption. Instead of spraying killer sharks on terrified citizens, the Barknado picks up abandoned canines and distributes them to people in need of a friend.
Well played ASPCA, well played. Watch the Barknado trailer below.

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