There's No Escaping The New Maze Runner Trailer

maze-runner-articlePhoto: REX USA/Moviestore/Rex.
It feels like just yesterday that we were proclaiming our summer crush on Kaya Scodelario. Wait, it was yesterday. We've also made no secret of our love for Dylan O'Brien. Therefore, it is with feverish anticipation that we watch each new trailer for their upcoming project, the big-screen adaptation of the YA smash The Maze Runner.
Kaya, Dylan, and costar Will Poulter recently made the rounds at Comic-Con, where they discussed mazes, running, and running through mazes. Well, what else are you going to talk about when your movie is called The Maze Runner? Today, though, we've been blessed with a tantalizing new trailer, which the gang also dropped at the Con.
If you're starting to get YA-book-to-movie fatigue, please nip that in the bud, right now. Yes, The Maze Runner takes place in a post-apocalyptic world. What separates it from other dystopian futures — like that of Panem, for example — is that the Glade is unlike any "world" you've seen before. From the deadly grievers to the Box, The Maze Runner introduces some new themes into the post-apocalyptic landscape. It also includes the more Lord of the Flies element of a world without adults, females, or established rules of society. As you can tell, we're pretty excited to see how it all translates onto the big screen. Get ready for some cruel runnings on September 19. (The Hollywood Reporter)

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