Hair Tapestries: Home Decor For Your Head

Our love of home decor has officially intersected with our hair game. Case in point: the gorgeous "hair tapestries" created by legendary hair guru Alex Brownsell of Bleach London for Dazed Magazine. Black and white thread was woven along a section of hair, creating a tiny rectangle adorned with a rainbow heart. The rest of the model's hair was left textured, with a section at the crown pulled back to show off Brownsell's handiwork. Lou Teasdale, hair guru for One Direction, captured the look and shared it on her Instagram for all of us to fawn over.
We've got to commend Brownsell for this insanely gorgeous vision. These mane tapestries aren't something we would have come up with on our own. In fact, they're like the cooler cousin of those hair lanyards we got on a spring-break trip in middle school. But, in truth, they don't seem so difficult to pull off. Simply grab a few small sections of hair and a piece of yarn, and then guide it over and under your tresses. Voilà — instant hair tapestry.
This isn't a style you'd necessarily wear on any regular day, but we're still digging it. Oh, and don't be surprised if you see a hair DIY in the spirit of this look appearing here soon. (Hint, hint.)

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