Azealia Banks FINALLY Released Some Solid Material

Azealia Banks, the fast-talking, foul-mouthed, Harlem-native broke onto the scene in 2011 with "212." The ode to both the Big Apple and cunnilingus is set to a mash-up of dancehall drums and aggressive rap, and it held promise. Here was a young rapper cocky enough to not give-a-what with a distinctive, ball-cultured sound. Karl Lagerfeld loved her; Alexander Wang nabbed her for a campaign; and her debut album, Broke With Expensive Taste, was hyped as the album to watch out for in 2012.
And, then it was pushed back. And, pushed back again. Banks released some singles off of it, but nothing stuck. "ATM Jam" came and went. Does anyone even remember "Count Contessa"? But, her latest release, "Heavy Metal And Reflective," is different.
Originally slated for a July 29 release, Banks' latest was leaked over the weekend. She took to Twitter to celebrate, as she's no longer bound by the record label that kept her material under wraps (she was released from her Interscope deal earlier this summer). "Heavy Metal And Reflective" touts the minimalist, semi-demonic aggression Banks' best tracks feature. It's a hand-clapper for sure. Sure, it's no "212," but it bears some solid promise for her ever-forthcoming new era. (NME)

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