Charlize Theron Wears Ring On Left Index Finger, Causes Uproar

charlize_embedPhoto: REX USA/Rob Latour.
The other day, Charlize Theron woke up to go the airport, because that's what all celebrities do every day. She got up early, we imagine, put on her comfiest flying outfit, and then chose some jewelry: a necklace, earrings, and a ring. After a quick fight with her suitcase (which she won) Theron headed out the door. And, she did so with that ring — on her left finger.
Or, we don't even know that for sure because we made that entire story up. All we know is that Theron's wearing a ring on her left index finger in a photo from the airport. And, now it's news.
To be fair, it has been reported that she and Sean Penn would marry later this summer. And, considering LAX is known for its indigenous paparazzi wildlife who feed off the most mundane celebrity comings-and-goings, it is not surprising that this is a big deal.
The real surprise is that US Weekly confirmed there is no engagement, yet still dug deeper. A source told Us that Theron bought the ring — estimated to be worth $4,900 — and the magazine then created a story about the 38-year-old actress "treating herself."
We treat ourselves all the time, too. Only, our indulgences are more like $11 smoothies. (Us Weekly)

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