Animated Rob Lowe Dazzles In Moonbeam City Trailer

At first glance, Moonbeam City looks like a cartoon you missed the first time around because of the cultural black hole that is your childhood. But, take a deep breath. It's not you. You're not too late. In fact, you're just in time for Moonbeam City, Comedy's Central's new animated series that spoofs the sexed-up police shows of the '80s.
Its trailer was released Thursday at Comic-Con, and it's full of voices you'll recognize: Elizabeth Banks, Will Forte, Kate Mara, and of course, Rob Lowe. Lowe plays an incompetent, but handsome, cop named Dazzle Novack in what Comedy Central calls "America's most fluorescent metropolis."
Everything about Moonbeam City, including Dazzle's obligatory pornstache, looks completely ridiculous and absurd. We cannot wait, but we must. The world can't have a purple Rob Lowe until 2015 — it's just not ready yet. (Gawker)

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