Susan Sarandon & David Bowie Did It In The '80s

sarandon bowiePhoto: Courtesy of MGM.
If Susan Sarandon and David Bowie got together today, they would be quite an item — a prototype for celebrity It couples of a certain age. Susan and David. David and Susan. Dusan. Barandon. Sowie.
But, alas, they are not. So, we must find solace in knowing that once upon a time, in a land called 1983, Susan Sarandon and David Bowie were a thing. Sarandon told The Daily Beast about it in an interview this week. Asked if she ever had a "wild love affair with a big celebrity," she said there hadn't been many because she married young. However, there had a been a few "famous, pretty interesting ones."
Sarandon touched upon one of these historical affairs with the late directer Louis Malle, but glazed over Bowie, referring to him by his little-known birth name, "rock star." But, she copped to the real thing when asked point-blank who it was. "Bowie," she said. And, with that one-word, two syllable answer, she somehow became even cooler. (Jezebel)

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