Michelle Rodriguez Gets (Maybe) Breakup Bangs

Aside from some R&R, a glass of wine (or two...or more), and ill-advised rebounds, there's probably nothing in the world that helps with a broken heart quite like a haircut. So, when we spotted this picture of Michelle Rodriguez's new bangs, we couldn't help but wonder at the timing. As Elle.com pointed out, this hair change has happened awfully close to her recent breakup with Cara Delevingne. Seems like Rodriguez is on a well-worn path of using a haircut as a metaphor for emotional rebirth...or something like that. Personally, if I had recently broken up with a supermodel, I think I'd need a hair change more dramatic than just bangs to feel better — but hey, what do I know?
Of course, this theory is complicated by the Rodriguez/Efron rumors, so maybe it's less of a breakup chop and more of a new-relationship cut. Regardless, she looks really good with fringe. For many, there are few things more annoying than a summertime bang (think of all that hair sticking to your forehead!), but fall is coming, and we think this classic cut has the potential to catch on.

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