Hunger Games Victors Peeta & Johanna Look Eerily Perfect In The New Capitol Couture

As rumors that the Mockingjay lives reach a fever pitch, the Capitol has once again put out an elegant piece of propaganda to keep the citizens of Panem in line. That's right: The latest edition of Capitol Couture has arrived, heralding Quarter Quell victors Peeta Mellark and Johanna Mason.
The Capitol Citizen Living Portraits feature "cherished victors" Johanna and Peeta standing proudly before Panem. Peeta embodies the "Spirit of Strength" in his Unconditional matte leather suit, with shirt and shoes courtesy of Maison Martin Margiela. Johanna captures "Statuesque Allure" in her Alon Livne gown and Alexander Wang booties.
These living portraits remind citizens of President Snow's "One Panem" initiative. "Never have we been more unified," the President reminded us in a recent transmission.
Look at these proud, strong victors. Twice, they have entered the arena for the Hunger Games, and twice, Peeta and Johanna have emerged champions. Now, the heroes enjoy a lavish life in the Capitol and most certainly do not wish to return to their impoverished districts. Let us all find glory in their triumphs. The Mockingjay is a traitorous rumor. Panem forever! (Capitol Couture)

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