Dave Franco & Conan O’Brien Practice Their Tinder Game

Picture Conan O'Brien in college: tall, awkward, and lanky. In other words, a living, breathing woman repellant, someone who would have greatly benefited from Tinder, the popular dating app that gives almost everyone a shot at love.
Now that he's a husband and a father, Conan has no real use for Tinder, except as an anthropological experiment, of course.
After hearing murmurs throughout his office about the popular app, O'Brien's curiosity was piqued. That's when he decided to enlist the help of Dave Franco, who we're guessing is also pretty unfamiliar with online dating, because, well, obviously.
The two studs-in-training let us watch as they created profiles, got their swipe on, and eventually met a potential suitor. If all Tinder dates went this well, this writer might not be going to see his little cousin's oboe recital for the fifth consecutive night.
Perhaps I should change my name to Jengus Roundstone. It worked for Franco.
Watch the amateur Casanovas do their thing below.

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