Watch Jon Stewart & Stephen Colbert Have A Lightsaber Duel

We've still got just over a year until Star Wars mania grips the world with the release of J.J. Abrams' wildly anticipated Star Wars: Episode VII. But, it looks like Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert have gotten something of a head start.
The professional charmers and self-professed nerds are in top side-splitting form in this just-released video, in which they do battle with a pair of toy lightsabers. The duel was to determine which of the two Comedy Central hosts is indeed the bigger Star Wars nut. When you see what lengths Stewart goes to by the video's end, you'll likely be inclined to give the edge toThe Daily Show host.
Hint: There are buns.
If some fans are crestfallen by watching the dynamic comedy duo engage in any type of conflict, they have Abrams to blame. Earlier this year, the director announced a new initiative with UNICEF called "Star Wars: Force The Change," which includes a contest to win a role in the upcoming space saga. Well, it just so happens said contest ends next week, so consider this Stewart and Colbert's final push to live out a childhood dream.
Based on their swordsmanship (or lack thereof) we have a single word of advice: Don't quit your day jobs, fellas. (Defamer)

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