Introducing: The Beard Garden

EmbPhoto: Courtesy of Peter Yankowsky.
In what can only be described as the most Tumblr "trend" of all time, men are turning their beards into living floral arrangements. Because, why the hell not? Bust was the first to bring this to our attention, and since then, we've been combing blogs and Instagram to find that, yes, dudes are indeed shoving peonies and lilies into their facial hair.
Look, I love a good beard. There was a time in college when I exclusively dated guys with beards. And, flowers? Dig 'em. But, mash the two together, and you lose me. In fact, put anything in your beard, and you lose me. There is an entire Instagram called Will It Beard, where everything from LEGOs to whipped cream to plastic spoons are strategically placed in facial hair to see if they will stick. But, I'm sorry — isn't one primary goal of having a facial bush making sure stuff doesn't get stuck in it?
Bust goes so far as to proclaim that "the combination of the romantic and stereotypically 'feminine' nature of flowers with the uber masculine connotation of facial hair creates a sweet and charming juxtaposition." But, are we really trying to draw deeper meaning from this? It's some dudes with some flowers in their facial hair. Let 'em have their fun. My one request, though? Let's just keep it to the blogs, boys. The second one of you comes lumbering toward me at Gov Ball with forget-me-nots pinned to your 'stache is the second I just give up on life. (Bust).

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