Daniel Radcliffe Probably Won't Play Harry Potter Again

1harrypotterPhotO: Courtesy WarnER brothers.
We know what you're thinking. There's a new Harry Potter story out. Daniel Radcliffe is still acting. Who in their right mind wouldn't want to see our favorite wizard back on the big screen?
Unfortunately, Radcliffe is going to stop you right there. During a press tour yesterday, he told TV critics who asked about reprising his breakout role: "I'm inclined to say no," the New York Daily News reports. Well, phooey.
According to Radcliffe, it's simply too premature to discuss any plans for a new Harry Potter film. Another problem is that the film would have to be based on a short story, rather than a full novel like the other installments.
There's one more thing: “I haven’t read it yet,” he told the crowd. “But, my understanding is that it’s very short, not worthy of adaptation to film,” he added, before noting that, at the age of 24, he might actually be too young to play an adult Harry. "[He's] about 12 years older than I am now...so it’s not something I’d have to worry about for a long time, hopefully," he explained.
Daniel, Daniel, Daniel. The character's 34. Has someone been slacking on their studies, Mr. Potter? (New York Daily News)

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