This Drone Video of Fireworks Proves Magic Is Real

While you were busy being a pedestrian and watching fireworks from ground level, YouTube user Jos Stiglingh was flying a drone through them. And, the result is sublime.
Set to the tune of Andrea Bocelli's "Con te Partirò," Stiglingh's DJI Phantom 2 drone wove in, out, and around West Palm Beach, Florida's Fourth of July fireworks display. With the help of a GoPro Hero3 camera, we can now see one of our country's most cherished traditions from all angles. Want to get up close and personal with explosions? Now's your chance. It's like that Weasleys' Wizard Wheezes scene from the Harry Potter movies only, you know...real.
It goes without saying that acrophobic readers won't get a kick out of all the twirling. (Hell, I'm all for heights, but even this video gave me a lil' nauseous feeling.) But, after take-off, the magic is well worth the tiny bout of anxiety. (BuzzFeed)

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