Blue Ivy Made Friends While Out Shopping With Her 'Rents

blue2Photo: REX USA/Antoine Cau.
It's summer. You're sweating on a subway platform in the Hamptons with your three-year-old daughter. You decide to take a shopping trip to Ralph Lauren. Then, you notice your little one has started playing with another kid in the store. It just so happens your bundle of joy has made friends with Blue Ivy and Beyoncé, who also happen to be shopping there. No big deal.
Except, this is a huge deal, because when did Blue Ivy get big enough to just walk around Ralph Lauren on a shopping trip. Also, WHAT? A source told Page Six, "The woman overheard her daughter chatting with someone. When she looked over to see who it was, her daughter was speaking with Blue Ivy and Beyoncé." Blue Ivy reportedly told the other girl she was shy. Then, things got very real: Jay Z came over and "couldn't have been nicer, asking the girl how old she was." Why would you even bother going shopping ever again? No day will be as good as that. (Page Six)

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