Let’s Mention Boogie Nights & Transformers In The Same Sentence Because It’s Friday

Paul Thomas Anderson and Michael Bay. There, we did it. We're pretty sure it's the first time in the history of all things cinema that the polar-opposite directors have been mentioned in the same sentence. Before you start hurling comments our way, hear us out.
We are about to take you on a magical journey through time and space.
The fourth installment of Michael Bay's Transformers saga comes out this weekend, and by all accounts, it's bad. Not even mega-star Mark Wahlberg could save the moribund movie, which looks like more of the same overblown robot dreck that we've grown accustomed to. Wahlberg is a considerable actor with considerable skills, something we learned when he shed his Calvins to play Dirk Diggler in PTA's landmark film Boogie Nights. See?
That was in 1997. Nearly 20 years later, Wahlberg has officially come full circle. He began his acting career with a little Paul Thomas Anderson film, and he's on the verge of his biggest opening weekend ever with a humongous Michael Bay film, and it all feel so gosh darn cyclical. Wanna see what we mean? Watch the clip above again. Now watch this one below.
You're welcome.

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