"Big Girls Cry" In Sia's New Track

Maybe big girls didn't cry in 2006 when Fergie was topping the charts, but that was eight years ago. It's 2014, and pop-whisperer Sia is here to remind us that, yes, big girls do cry. They cry when they're hearts are breaking.
Sia released another track off her forthcoming LP, 1000 Forms of Fear, called "Big Girls Cry." It's admittedly less dance-centric than the first single "Chandelier." It's more of a piano ballad with a steady bass-line, but Sia's delivery is in no way any less passionate. "Big Girls Cry" is her ode to the post-breakup lifestyle — going home alone, ordering takeout, watching TV. In her mind, it's agony. But, what a sweet agony this is. Turn this up when you need a moment to, you know, feel.

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