Tom Hardy Looks Totally Badass In The Role Of Mad Max

madmaxPhoto: Courtesy of Entertainment Weekly.
Despite many in the media world dumping on Entertainment Weekly lately, when it comes to major movie scoops, no one comes close to the publication. The magazine's latest coup is the long-awaited first look at Tom Hardy as the titular hero in next year's franchise reboot Mad Max: Fury Road. The exclusive image features Hardy in full-on post-apocalyptic warrior mode. That means a beaten up face, torn up clothes, and a whole lotta guns. Hardy is joined by Charlize Theron, who forgoes her usual glam for a shaved head and a bionic arm. The grizzled pair look primed for what director George Miller describes as "a chase that starts as the movie begins and continues for 110 minutes.”
Miller is the man behind the original Mad Max trilogy, which helped turn Mel Gibson into a star. While the majority of audiences are already familiar with Hardy's work, this is the first studio tentpole that he'll try to carry himself. Whether or not this new iteration of the cult smash will turn Hardy into Hollywood's next great action star remains to be seen. Based on this brand new cover, our money's on him. (Entertainment Weekly)

Photo: REX USA/David Fisher/Rex.

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