Malia & Sasha Obama To Get Their Very Own Minimum-Wage Jobs

obamasPhoto: REX USA/Rex.
Malia Obama may have a plush job this summer on a TV show, but she and Sasha might soon be in the market for something a little less glamorous. Their parents, who both trudged their way through tedious jobs as teens, want them to learn the value of hard work, low pay, and mind-numbing boredom by getting a typical teen gig. Will Sasha scoop ice cream? Will Malia bus tables? Or, will they choose retail only to learn the mall can be an air-conditioned prison made of racks and hangers and an extra 20% off?
“We are looking for opportunities for them to feel as if going to work and getting a paycheck is not always fun, not always stimulating, not always fair," said President Obama. While the hearts of most typical teens would sink at that idea — their parents actively searching for a really not-fun way to spend their time — we also know it sounds worse than it is. Time at a minimum-wage does not tick and tock like a regular clock, but it does end. Besides, friends will be made, fun will be had, and money — no matter how little — will be earned. (New York Post)

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