Michelle Williams Finally Brought Destiny's Child Back Together

Destiny's Child is back, y'all, and this time it's Michelle Williams' turn to shine. The first single off her upcoming album Journey To Freedom — "Say Yes" — just got the music-video treatment, and the gang's all here.
“It’s Destiny’s Child time again,” Beyoncé told Good Morning America. "This song is so inspiring. [There's] not enough music out there like this, and I’m so proud to be a part of it." Bey (who comes to us in the form of Braidyoncé) really lets Williams take center stage.
Too often Michelle Williams was the butt of every Destiny's Child joke, prompting some anonymous Tumblr user to create a blog called Poor Michelle. She's far from the punchline here, though. Williams has never looked or sounded healthier. And, the three women look like they're having a blast.
"We’re still loving each other, supporting each other," Williams told GMA. "They have no idea what it means to me, and I think it’s full circle. We’re still rocking it out."
All of that is enough to get fans itching for a proper reunion album, but the likelihood of that is slim considering Bey's getting ready for her upcoming tour with Jay Z and Rowland's getting ready for a new baby.
But, hey, at least fans have this gem to tide them over. (Good Morning America)

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