Pitch Perfect 2's Cast Is Having Way Too Much Fun

As awesome as it would be to get cast as, say, Ryan Gosling's girlfriend or Melissa McCarthy's costar in a buddy comedy, playing a Bella in Pitch Perfect 2 is probably the most plum acting gig out there now — even if all you got to do was hum and sassily jut out a hip now and then. Are you dubious? Well, Instagrams from the set more than prove our point.
From the looks of it, the cast of this hugely anticipated sequel is having a total blast filming down in Louisiana. Imagine rounding up the funniest and most talented girls you know, installing first-time director Elizabeth Banks as your leader, and spending each day singing your heart out and choreographing new routines. Yep. Heaven.
The film's stars, including Anna Kendrick, Rebel Wilson, and newcomer Hailee Steinfeld, have been sharing photos of their behind-the-scenes fun. Suffice to say, expect to experience intense feelings of jealously and FOMO as you check out this slideshow of their most playful pics.
Is it too late to haul your butt to Louisiana and try out for a role as an extra? There's only one way to find out...

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