You Can Own J Lawr’s Soul Now

jlawr_embedPhoto: REX USA/David Fisher/Rex.
For us fans, simply watching our favorite celebrity do their thing just isn't enough. Sometimes we buy clothes to embody their essence. Sometimes we adopt a certain phrase they say. And, sometimes, when the thirst becomes too real, we buy their souls.
For a little more than the price of a quality Chipotle meal, you can own the souls of Drake, Jennifer Lawrence, and Ryan Gosling. Thanks to Molly Gates and her Etsy shop SoulsRUs, the unforeseeable spirits of today's biggest stars have been bottled and commodified. Well, Mason-jarred is more like it.
Speaking with MTV, Gates revealed that a lil' bit of witchery goes into capturing each soul. "I’ve perfected my reaping process over the years, now preferring to wait until my person of interest is asleep,” she said. She then sneaks into their bed, performs a Lorde-like dance, coaxes out their soul, and bottles it up. She then sends them out the next day to ensure each soul's freshness. The shelf life of a soul, however, remains unknown. Do souls expire? Must they be refrigerated after opening? Are there side effects to owning a soul? Man, we're going to stop there before the existential crisis begins. (MTV)

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