Could Angelina Jolie Really Retire After Cleopatra?

1Photo: REX USA/Picture Perfect.
Angelina Jolie may be one movie away from calling it quits on acting for good. Jolie is taking on the part of Cleopatra in a reboot of the Elizabeth Taylor classic, she recently confirmed to BBC Radio. The actress told the station that the script has been written, and the team is now working on securing a director and finalizing other details of the movie.
Jolie also hinted that the gravity of the role could make it her last. "It's one of those [roles where] you feel like maybe that's the one you put everything into and that's where you end it," she said. "That's where you finish, in a great way. You kind of go, 'What could you do beyond that one?'"
Angie didn't go into too much detail about whether she would actually make good on those thoughts, but it's easy to imagine that the pressure that comes with filling Elizabeth Taylor's shoes is pretty strong. And, it's not like she doesn't have anything else going on in her life to keep her busy.
She did, however, hint at the amount of work it would take to actually pull off the part of Cleopatra. "It's complicated to get this one right," she said. "She's complicated...I imagine that the preparation for it is going to be big." It would be sad to bid adieu to Angelina Jolie (as an actress, that is). She's not the first actor to tease us with early retirement, but she is one of the few we'll actually miss. (E! Online)

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