Your June Horoscope, Revealed

This month brings a bit of bad news, stargazers. Mercury, that impish messenger, is going retrograde from the first week of June until July 1. In a literal sense, this means the mischievous little planet will pass Earth in its journey around the sun, making it appear to us to be moving backwards (hence the "retro" thing).
Of course, in astrological terms, Mercury retrograde signals a period of pretty much everything in your world going just a little bit wrong. From communication to technology to transportation, all areas of everyday life that fall within Mercury's purview could cause some serious angst.
But, it's not all doom and gloom. Love is on the agenda for a number of signs, while others will see new collaborations arise in their career sector. Still, be on the lookout for sticking points and potential wrenches in the mix — this Mercury thing really is no joke.

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