StraightWhiteDudesTexting Is The Horrible/Hilarious Tumblr Of The Moment

dudesPhoto: Via StraightWhiteDudesTexting.
The royal you all hate generalizations as much as the royal we do, but let's be honest: We have all been there. (Yes, all women.) Right there, on the other end of a clueless text conversation from a dude who is simply not getting it. No matter how you swat away his incoming messages, you somehow find yourself even more astounded at the near-fanatical way he maintains the pursuit. No matter your sexual preferences, your blatant lack of interest, or the sheer ridiculous nature of the message, it seems that he just doesn't get the picture. Enter, the Straight White Dudes Texting Tumblr, which takes pain (yours), the unbridled pursuit of pleasure (theirs), and puts it together.
A Tumblr like this is, once again, a great reminder why that #YesAllWomen hashtag is an important movement, and the discussions emerging from it are equally crucial. The Tumblr's continued focus on virginity is particularly resonant given the revelations of the tragedy in California, where the shooter seemed focused on losing his own virginity while lamenting over being unable to find a woman who kept hers. While these types of missives are definitely #NotAllMen (and, in fact, a straight, white man happens to be the person who pointed this out to me and asked me to pass it on), it does speak to a larger, more troubling culture of young men who simply do not know how to speak to women. Using words. Made up of syllables...and letters...and noises. Groundbreaking.

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