Jennifer Lawrence & Rebecca Romijn Get A Shape-Shifting Supercut

Last week we told you that the best X-Men are X-Women. Chief among them is Mystique, the shapeshifting mutant-in-blue, whose first onscreen portrayal came courtesy of Rebecca Romijn. While the former model managed to hold her own opposite more accomplished costars, we can't say we miss her much. Not that we didn't love her take on the iconic character — it's just that Jennifer Lawrence is the actress behind Mystique's latest big-screen iteration, and,'s Jennifer Lawrence, people.
The newest installment of the series, X-Men: Days of Future Past just earned the franchise's highest grossing opening weekend ever, thanks in no small part to J Lawr and blue paint that leaves little to the imagination. If you've yet to see the film, know this: J Lawr kicks some major butt. Even Katniss would be shaking in her boots.
But, just to show that we've got plenty of love for Romijn's take on the character, here's a supercut of all 38 of Mystique's onscreen transformations, courtesy of MTV. That's right folks: Jennifer Lawrence and Rebecca Romijn in all their shape-shifting glory.
Check out the movie magic below.

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