Chloe Grace Moretz’ New Movie Marks Her Grown-Up Phase

For every young actress looking to get serious in Hollywood, doing a gritty, grown-up movie is the standard transitional move. Though Carrie wasn't exactly sunshine and daisies, The Equalizer appears to be the flick filling that role for Chloe Grace Moretz.
The trailer for the film, out September 26, went live this morning and it appears to be a take on Taken, except with Denzel Washington instead of Liam Neeson, and a presumably underage sex worker instead of a daughter. Don't worry, though! The core of Taken -- i.e. a father figure, lots of gore, and Eastern European villains — are all still present.
Of course, Denzel is the true star here, and he will undoubtedly be kicking ass, taking names, and, as the title suggests, equalizing people (which you can safely assume is a euphemism for killing them). Moretz, though billed as a headliner, appears to play a pretty small part. Still, we'll pretty much buy anything Denzel is in, and if this is the move that helps Moretz transition her career, we've got no complaints.

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