Ireland Baldwin Is Sending Sexy Tweets To Angel Haze

Sexting, in case you aren't aware, is a Merriam-Webster-approved word. Technically, it is "the sending of sexually explicit messages or images by cell phone." While the Merriam-Webster definition does not include the word "private," sexting is usually kept between person A and person B; leaving everyone else to C their way out of it. (Bah-dum-cha!) Ireland Baldwin has, however, been tweeting her sexts to maybe-girlfriend Angel Haze, for the entire Twitterverse to see.
Now, neither party has come outright and confirmed the relationship, but there's no denying these Angeland tweets aren't not couple-y.

This kind of conversation is usually saved for smartphones. Either these two simultaneously ran out of messages on their respective texting plans and have been forced to tweet their feelings, or this is a ploy to troll the media.

Don't these two know that Snapchat was invented for a reason? Oh well, at least this kind of behavior won't get them arrested like Baldwin's father. (Crushable)

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