Kristen Stewart Gets Scantily Clad For Her Most Provocative Role Ever

Video: Courtesy of YouTube.
The buzz from Cannes is that Clouds of Sils Maria is a provocative drama exploring age, desire, and jealousy. It's been likened to All About Eve with lesbian undertones. The Telegraph called it "complex, bewitching, and melancholy." Oh, and it also happens to show Kristen Stewart in a black lace thong.
Cast in what the Telegraph has declared her "best role to date," KStew plays Valentine, the loyal assistant (and potential love interest) to Juliette Binoche's Maria Enders. Set in the Swiss Alps, the film centers around a love triangle of sorts between Valentine, Maria, and fresh-from-rehab Hollywood starlet Jo-Ann, played by Chloë Grace Moretz. Some casting director deserves a big raise, no?
Valentine and Maria's relationship becomes less boss-employee and more seductive, prompting a scene in which Binoche spies on the scantily clad Stewart sleeping in bed. Will they get it on? Will Robert Pattinson be seized by jealousy? Will Twilight fans be able to handle this new side to Bella, or will their panties be in a twist? Only time will tell. (Us Weekly)

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