What’s Going On With Ryan Gosling & Eva Mendes?

There's likely no more elusive couple in Hollywood than Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes. The two are constantly tight-lipped about their relationship and are rarely photographed together. But, recently, they've appeared even more detached than usual — and that's stirred up the rumor mill quite a bit.
For starters, there's the fact that, according to People, Gosling and Mendes haven't been spotted together since the fall. The photo accompanying this story even dates all the way back to September 2012. These two are pretty skilled at avoiding the paparazzi, but no one is that good.
Then, earlier this week, Eva was conspicuously absent from the premiere of the couple's joint project Lost River at Cannes. The movie is Ryan's directorial debut — Eva costars alongside Christina Hendricks — and he hit the red carpet for his big moment alone. Sure, there are many reasons that could explain Eva's absence — and it should be noted that earlier this month Gosling was spotted wearing a necklace that honored Mendes's dog, Hugo — but still, it all reads a little, well, heavy.
Given the fact that both parties shy away from the press, there's little chance that they'll address this latest rumor. But, there are plenty of RyGos obsessives who are determined to get to the bottom of things. The truth will come out, Ryan. (People)

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