Nicki Minaj Reverts Back To Old Self In New Track

Nicki Minaj dropped the first official single off her forthcoming Pink Print album this morning. And, folks, the old Nicki is back.
Gone is the EDM-heavy production and alter-ego-for-alter-ego's-sake verses. "Pills N Potions" combines all the things that made Minaj an unstoppable force back in 2010. It's got the chilled-out sentimental vibe of "Your Love" mixed with spit-fire verses à la Beam Me Up Scotty mixtape.

Over the past few months, Minaj has been gradually ditching the pink wigs and ostentatious looks in favor of focusing on the rap career that almost floundered in the Day-Glo of her past two albums.
Her last two tracks (both non-Pink Print singles) are a testament to that.
"Lookin Ass" shows she still has the chops for cutthroat tracks, while the leaked "Boss Ass Bitch" warns the game that she's still bad. "When I lay low, bitches be safe and sound / When I come back, they better not make a sound" she raps. Though "Pills N Potions" isn't a banger, it abides by the whole speak-softly-and-carry-a-big-stick mentality. The Minajisty, dear readers, is coming for that crown. (Complex)


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