Watch A Cat Rap Along To Busta Rhymes

When "Look At Me Now" came out in 2011, I tried my very best to memorize Busta Rhymes' minute-long spitfire verse. But, thanks to my shameful lack of rap skills and need to inhale oxygen, I couldn't.
It occurred to me that I should probably be spending my time doing more productive things, like shopping for groceries and tidying my apartment, rather than rapping along with a great MC. But, a dream's a dream. And, sometimes, you need a mascot to help you achieve.
Like this cat, for example. It's rapping (well, lip-syncing) Busta Rhymes perfectly. It even has the head jive move to accentuate the absurd force of Rhymes' delivery. If this cat can rap, then I sure as hell can, too, right?
Why risk the embarrassment, though? This cat's already won. Hayden, 0: Cat, 1. (BuzzFeed)

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