Angelina Jolie’s Secret Styling Trick Is Goats

male_embedPhoto: Courtesy of Disney.
Angelina Jolie has a movie coming out this month called Maleficent. It's become kind of a big deal and has a marketing campaign as expansive as any political race. (The parallels between Hollywood and Washington D.C. will be reserved for another post entirely.)
So, like any solid bid to coax audiences into buying the pitch, Jolie & Co. have been doing rounds and rounds of press. The most recent stop being Allure, where the actress' makeup artist divulged the secret to Jolie's scary-sexy chic. And it's goat eyes.
No, they're not an ingredient in a magic potion that keeps her looking amazing. They're actually goat contact lenses. Legendary creature-making effects artist Rick Baker told the magazine that Jolie pushed for more prosthetics, including the goat-inspired gazers. "They have horizontal pupils," Baker said. "It’s funny. Usually I’m the one pushing for prosthetics and weirdness, and it was kind of the reverse on this film."
Goat eyes, if you aren't aware, are pretty soulless. Maleficent herself is pretty soulless, too, considering she destined a teenage girl to sleep forever before she could even legally drink. So, it makes sense that Jolie's inspiration stemmed from the billy-bucks. As for them cheekbones, you'll have to look to the sculpted marble gods for those. (Allure)

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