M.I.A. Gifted Beyoncé A Flawless Remix

A little over three months after Beyoncé dropped her visual album, M.I.A. teased a snippet of her take on Bey's #Flawless movement. The remixed track samples "Diva" and a trapped-out revamp of "Run The World." Like a good team player, M.I.A. had been sitting on her opus, waiting for Bey's team to approve her rights to the samples. But, a recent tweet about Beyoncé's people failing to respond showed that her patience has limits. In it, she released the track into the wild — like she said on her 2010 Vicki Leekx mixtape, "music should be free."
The track's name, "Baddygirl 2," takes a cue from Beyoncé's old Instagram handle, @baddiebey. The Sri Lankan provocateur pays homage to "serfbort," #wokeuplikethis, and just about every other Bey-ism she could. She even traded Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie's feminist message for her own: "Men and women are 50/50." Because, whether she wanted it or not, this is a remix for Beyoncé.

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