Charlize Theron Trolled NYC Tourists On SNL Last Night

If you don't live in New York City, it's likely you've been a tourist in New York City, and well, shots fired.
In one of Saturday Night Live's funniest bits last night, host Charlize Theron donned a fat suit and skewered the millions of tourists that visit The Big Apple every year. While most New Yorkers have learned to coexist with the camera-wielding, fanny pack-wearing visitors that pack their city's streets, every once in a while a tourist emerges to make you rue the day you ever stopped to give directions.
These are those tourists.
Overall, the night was a lackluster showing from Lorne Michaels' troupe, with Theron doing her best to hold it together. As usual, the pre-recorded bits were the strongest, and that will likely be the case again next week, when Andy Samberg returns to Studio 8H to close out the season. Digital Shorts, Justin Timberlake, and overall hilarity will likely ensue.
But, we're getting ahead of ourselves a bit. To help tide you over, here's a fat Charlize Theron playing an obnoxious Italian tourist. Words we never thought we'd say.

Photo: BEImages/Matt Baron


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