Watch Liz Phair Get Disappeared By Stormtroopers

It wouldn't be Star Wars Day — May the Fourth be with you! — without the Internet going into hyperdrive with an outpouring of Wookies and yub-nubs and Admiral Ackbar macros. To add to this bantha-sized collection of geekery, College Humor put together a video featuring a mixed bag of musicians trying out for the Mos Eisley cantina band.
Ben Folds croons about murdering an Ewok. Reggie Watts plays a broken beatboxing droid. (Finally, a role his schtick was made for.) A hologram'd Lisa Loeb dusts off her 1994 cat-eye glasses and strums a Lilith Fair ditty. Mark McGrath becomes a braying Tusken Raider (which isn't too off-base).
Best of all is Liz Phair, who protests the Galactic Empire's treatment of third-world worlds and gets disappeared by some humorless stormtroopers.
Damn the man. (College Humor)

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