Jena Malone Has A Band That Performs In Bathtubs

Contrary to the official video for The Shoe's "Dead Rabbit Hopes," Jena Malone is not naked here. She's in a bathtub at NYC's Standard Hotel, talking about masturbation and singing, but she's not naked. She is, rather, fully clothed in a glamorous dress. Hey, irony!
Noisey asked the band to perform a somewhat acoustic rendition of "Dead Rabbit Hopes," and it's pretty. Why a bathtub, you ask? Who knows? Things happen at The Standard, High Line between the Boom Boom Room, Le Bain, and those sheer curtains "covering" its floor-to-ceiling windows above a park. You know, things like this.
Malone and bandmate Lem Jay manage to make it work. There are a bunch of random symbols woven into the video, but reading into them might lead one down a dark, existential black hole. At least, however, audiences know that Malone isn't having sex while on the road. She'll perform in bathtubs, though. Either way, this inexplicable situation works and perfectly sets us up for The Shoe's forthcoming album, I'm Okay; wherein Malone and Lem describe in length how okay they really are — tub-thumpin' or not. (Noisey)

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