Katy Perry Gets Her Own Weird Lullaby

Katy Perry miiiight want to rethink her definition of sleepy-time tunes. Yesterday, she shared a "lovely #rare lullaby" she came across before laying her "jet-lagged head down to sleep." The link she tweeted directed her Katycats to a just-released video by Lil B — a.k.a. The BasedGod.
The 24-year-old rapper is not exactly known for his slumber-inducing tracks. Turnt-up songs? Definitely. Turned-down tunes? Erm, not so much. "Katy Perry," the so-called lullaby Perry is so enamored with, really has nothing to do with the pop star aside from BasedGod asking his audience to call him Katy Perry. He also casually applauds "all the girls that kiss girls" referring to Perry's breakout single "I Kissed A Girl."
Sure, Perry might count her sheep to nightmarish soundtracks featuring demonic whispers of her name, but, for us, "Hush, Little Baby" seems to do the trick most nights. Sweet dreams, y'all.

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