Miley's Out Of The Hospital, Eating Pancakes In Bed

Miley Gate? The Great Miley Hospitalization Of 2014? We're not quite sure what to call it, but Miley Cyrus' extended trip to the ER this week made major waves. (Our office even had a pool going to figure out which antibiotic caused the allergic reaction.) Luckily for Cyrus — and her legion of fans — the singer is finally out of the hospital and on her way to recovery.
The first stop? Her bed, of course. But, not for what you think (like, um, rest). Nope, it would appear that she's doing a sexy photo shoot with her pal and occasional collaborator Wayne Coyne of The Flaming Lips. Cyrus shared several pictures on Instagram, the first of herself chomping down a pancake, and then several more of herself posing for Coyne's camera.
We've got to give her points for being resourceful here and combining her recovery with a creative outlet. If Miley won't go to the mountain, you bring the mountain to Miley.

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