A Lost Reboot Might Actually Happen

finales-lost-02Photo: Courtesy of ABC.
"We have to go back!" Or at least Carlton Cuse thinks we do. The Lost producer made waves recently when he told Entertainment Weekly that he expects his landmark series to one day return to the airwaves.
"I think it's likely that at some point, ABC will want to reboot Lost because it's a valuable franchise," he said. Cuse's admission comes as a bit of a shocker, since the series ended with such finality. "[The series finale is] called 'The End' for that reason," Cuse told the magazine. "It is the end of the story that we wanted to tell and we had no plans to go back and revisit it."
So what changed? Are network executives so hard up for ideas that they would consider resurrecting one of television's most influential shows solely as a ratings grab? Some would argue that Lost already ran a few seasons too long, so to think that there would be even more story to tell feels unlikely. An even worse idea would be to do a complete reboot with an entirely new cast. We know Cuse and his partner Damon Lindelof probably want a bit of a redo after a finale that was largely deemed a misfire, but this is a bit extreme.
Here's an idea for Cuse and ABC: Come up with an entirely original new series. Call it Found for all we care. Just please, no more Lost. (Perez Hilton)

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