Did You Get Enough Sleep? Take This 30-Second Test To Find Out

We've heard over and over again that eight is the magic number — for hours of sleep per night, that is. It's true that some of us can get by perfectly well on just six hours of shut-eye, while some need nearly nine in order to live their lives as walking, talking human beings. But, sleep is a sneaky beast. You might think you're getting enough to function — especially with a little help from chemicals, whether natural or synthetic. But, just because you're not slumping over into a coma after your 3 p.m. meeting, it doesn't mean you're not suffering from the effects of sub-optimal sleep habits.

So, how can you tell if you're really getting enough ZZZs? Richard Wiseman, a psychologist, pro-sleeper, and author of Night School, has created a quick-and-dirty way to find out. Because, no amount of coffee is as good as a full night's sleep. Watch the video below — it just might surprise you.

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