Light Up! This Candle’s Luxe & Earth-Loving

candlePhoto: Courtesy of Lite + Cycle.
It's ironic that the simple candle was once vital to survival and is now more like a luxury. You're essentially burning money for the sake of ambience. And, the really good scents, the ones worth raving about, are rarely found at your local mall. You have to seek out purveyors of these fineries and come ready to accept that they're pricey for a reason: the tons of magical oils inside.
For those of us still struggling with such high-value combustibles, the pillars from Lite + Cycle make us feel a little less guilty about lighting up. They've got no chemicals, pesticides, paraffin, or synthetics to speak of. Nope, each one's made by hand with renewable and biodegradable materials. The L+C line encompasses four scents, like bergamot and vetiver, that each come in two sizes (for $40 or $72). We're thinking, what with it being Earth Day and all, we might have a great reason to invest in a few.