Chloë Moretz Gets Her Own Dystopian Franchise In The 5th Wave

Is Chloë Grace Moretz primed to be the new Jennifer Lawrence? Expect to see that prediction everywhere soon. Just as Shailene Woodley's buzzed-about performance in Divergent drew comparisons to Lawrence's stellar work as The Hunger Games' protagonist Katniss Everdeen, we foresee a similar parallel in Moretz's near future. Because, the 17-year-old actress has reportedly signed on for Sony Pictures' upcoming project, The 5th Wave, a film franchise based on Rick Yancey's dystopian YA novel.
With credits in last year's horror revival, Carrie, as well as Denzel Washington's promising new thriller The Equalizer, Moretz is proving to be quite a force in the realm of speculative/mind-bending filmmaking. In theory, she's a perfect fit for Cassie Sullivan, the young female survivor at the center of The 5th Wave.
In the book, deadly alien attacks have sent the Earth back to prehistoric living conditions, and, of course, humanity's only hope is Sullivan...and a mysterious young man. The market for teen-populated dystopias is a crowded one right now, but the strength of Yancey's storytelling mixed with Moretz's onscreen prowess makes this one apocalyptic scenario we can't help but welcome. (The Wrap)

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