12 Internet Series That Sucked You In, Big Time

People always say that one of the Internet's most beautiful qualities is its ability to make everyone into a content creator — and video is perhaps the most prominent example of that. Though there are more than a few embarrassing clips out there, YouTube, Vimeo, and the like are all bursting with hilarious web series that also happen to present a serious rabbit hole for the viewer. As in, once you press play, you can't stop watching for a solid three to four hours. It's the original, pre-Netflix binge-watch, and having a favorite is a rite of passage for every Internet addict. We compiled a few favorites amongst our staff — some mega-viral hits, some lesser known — for your viewing pleasure this weekend. If you had plans to go outside or something, well, we sincerely apologize.

Very Mary Kate

We have mad love for the real-life Olsen twins, but this fictitious and snark-tastic version of Mary-Kate is, admittedly, side-splitting. Bless bodyguard for putting up with her crazy.


Incredibly weird. Unbearably hilarious. He hasn't heard of sports, and you love him for it.

High Maintenance

Most of our staff is basically just throwing money at these people to do more. Like, sending them envelopes just full of $1 bills. You're welcome!

Chloe and Zoe

Who needs Franny when you've got Chloe? It's like Girls, but not.

Awkward Black Girl

She clearly knows a thing or two about awkwardness, but you'd never know it meeting series creator Issa Rae in the flesh (she's a true style star).

Drunk History

Another renowned documentary series from Ken Burns.

Potter Puppet Pals

Juvenile, you say? Well, we don't really have a comeback for that, but we will not let it detract from our enjoyment in the slightest.

The Kelly Series

We once thought that nothing could surpass the beauty of "Shoes." Then we saw "Let Me Borrow The Top," which is ridiculous, and somehow also a scathing commentary on American society.


A must-watch for movie buffs, particularly fans of the B-list.

Jake & Amir

We have to agree that the one thing missing from this series was the lack of zero compression pants. Lucky for us, that was promptly rectified.

Soul Pancake

Any show gets automatic bonus points for a Mindy Kaling appearance, and that's just the beginning of what Soul Pancake has to offer with its varied series. "Metaphysical Milkshake" is the future of late-night talk shows, if you ask us, and we have a feeling Stephen Colbert will oblige. And, Kid President? Never fails.

Rejected Cartoons

Like a good children's book gone deeply, deeply wrong. These typically elicit a reaction of uncontrollable hysteria, and that is okay.

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