Comic Sans Gets A Makeover; Its Creator Is Not Impressed

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Poor Comic Sans. The font of choice for every lemonade stand and school PowerPoint presentation, it has the dubious honor of being one of the world's most famous typefaces and its most despised.
There is an online community committed to its abolishment. Filmmaker Errol Morris did an informal study that suggested that people are less likely to believe information when it's presented in Comic Sans. And, reviled as it is, the font's been appropriated by 'net geeks and humorists for its decided un-hipness. It's the normcore of typeface.
Now, designer Craig Rozynski has given the childlike 'face a little bit of an upgrade with a font called Comic Neue. Its ascenders and descenders are a little more rigid, a little less crude than its predecessor. It's slimmer overall, with a lightness that iPhone users will recognize from the Helvetica Neue of iOS 7.
It is not, however, officially related to the original Comic Sans MS, which was designed by Vincent Connare and released in 1994. On Twitter yesterday, Connare succinctly expressed his opinion of Comic Neue: "It's shite."
Be that as it may, it's available for a free download here. (Hyperallergic)

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